As stated previously, a well maintained library is yet another feather in the cap of our institution. A good collection of books, audio, visual aids, study materials and yearly collection of question papers of board examinations are all made available to the demanding students. Apart from the above, dailies, periodicals, journals, and magazines are regularly subscribed and are neatly kept in chronological order.

Library Rules & Regulations

  • The library will be kept open on all working days from 8.45 A.M to 5.30 P.M.
  • Books are to be issued to and returned by the students during the lunch interval and during the half an hour period beyond the working hours of the institution.
  • Every Student can borrow books at the rate of one book for each ticket and on production of thier identitycards. They can keep the books for 14 days at a stretch. A fine of Re.0.50 for each working day is to be collectede beyond this period upto 20 days if default.If the books are not returned even after this period it would be presumed that the student has last the book and accordingly double/thrice the cost of book will be ordered to the recoverd, without giving any notice.
  • If necessary, the librarian may recall of the given book even before the due date of the book.
  • Students are warned not to damage, Scribble or tear the papers of the book.
  • Students are instructed to verify each book at the time of issue. Any discrepancy must be brought to the notice of the librarian immediately.