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Red Ribbon Club (RRC)

Red  Ribbon  Club  (RRC) is  a  voluntary  on  Campus intervention Programme for  students  in higher  educational  institutions in  Tamilnadu.  It  is initiated and supported  by  the  Tamilnadu State AIDS  Control  Society (TANSACS)  and is being  implemented  through  the state’s  National Service  Scheme  (NSS). TANSACS is being provided special fund to polytechnic colleges through DOTE-NSS to conduct the RRC activities   from the year 2005-2006.

Objectives of RRC Programmes are,

  1. To reduce  new HIV  infection among the youth  by raising  their  risk  perception  through proper  education on sex and sexuality  and HIV  / AIDS.
  2. To prepare  the youth   as peer  educators  and agents  of change  by  developing skills  on leadership, social  marketing and team  building.

Red Ribbon has become the global symbol for solidarity with   HIV positive and people living with AIDS.  It unites the people in the common fight against this disease.

Hence, the significance of Red Ribbon is

  • Red like love, asa symbol of passion and tolerance towards   those    affected.
  • Red  like blood, representing  the pain  caused  by the many  people  that  died  of AIDS
  • Red like the anger, about the helplessness by which we are facing a disease for which there   is still no chance for a cure.
  • Red  as  a   sign of warning  not  to carelessly ignores  one  of the biggest   problems  of  our  time

Activities of RRC programme:

  • Peer educator training on RRC ‘Celebrating Life’.
  • Interactive training programme  with  HIV  +ve speaker  and  counsellor of  ICTC  /  Blood  Bank  /  other  Medical officer.
  • Blood donation motivation programme & blood donation camp.
  • College level competitions on RRC objectives.
  • Visibility  programmes  such as
  • Rally, Marathon , Signature  Campaign
  • RRC Day   / World AIDS Day / Blood Donors Day.

In  RRC, Inside and outside of the campus

  • Exposure  visit  to nearby ICTC  / Blood  Bank  /  ART  Centre, Community  care centre / HIV  positive  children home.
  • Peer education orientation training.
  • Peer campaign  & Peer  meeting.

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