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Computer Engineering (AI & Mobile)

The Diploma in Computer Engineering is an interdisciplinary field, both in its origin and application, plays an important role in virtually all fields inclusive of science, medicine, music, art, business, law and communication. It aims to provide students with some basic knowledge of engineering, scientific, computing, mathematical techniques and computer hardware.

To produce competent software professionals, academicians, and entrepreneurs with analyzing and managerial skills through quality education in the field of Computer Science and Engineering.

M1:        To enrich the students’ programming and computing skills through best teaching-learning processes, laboratory practices and through project based learning.

M2:        To promote organizational and leadership skills for our computer engineers through co-curricular and extracurricular activities

M3:        To inculcate real world challenges, emerging technologies and endeavour the students to become entrepreneurs or make them employable.

M4:        To develop positive attitude towards lifelong learning and to inculcate moral and ethical values to serve the society

PEO 1:  Graduates shall be professionals with expertise in the fields of Software Engineering, Networking, Data Mining and Cloud computing and shall undertake Software Development, Teaching and Research.

PEO2:   Graduates will analyze a problem, design an algorithm, define the computing requirements and implement it through logical and programming skills.

PEO 3:  Graduates will be cultivated with all-round competencies, for career, higher education and self Employability

PSO1:   Professional skills: Students shall understand  software engineering practices and hardware integration for developing solutions to meet the requirements of industry and society

The computer business is one of India’s fastest expanding divisions, and this trend is expected to continue in the future. A diploma in Computer Engineering will help you build a solid foundation in hardware, software, operating systems, computer architecture, electrical engineering, and a variety of sub disciplines and understand its utilisation in different fields. Diploma in Computer Engineering course covers basic topics like computer programming, operating system, networking, database, etc. 

After completion, you can work as a programmer, system analyst and maintain computers for other organisations. You can even start your own IT Company and work with other organisations.

Benefits of doing diploma in Computer Engineering

Diploma has many advantages over + 2 when it comes to jobs. Those who want to start their professional career early must opt for a diploma in engineering courses. Diploma in Computer Science is accepted by many companies for various jobs.

The best part is that two students do not have a lot of job options but for diploma holders there are a wide range of jobs not only in the private sector but also in the government sector.

Advantage of computer engineering course

Offers Flexibility

In today’s world, everyone wants to grow high in their career. And want a good salary package to survive on a great life. Thus, if you think the same way then diploma courses are for you. As they offer you flexibility to earn and learn simultaneously. Through this way, you can gain work experience while nourishing your skills and knowledge.

It Saves Your Time

The degree program of the computer science course covers a lot of topics. Basically all aspects of computer science are taught in that. But being a professional, you don’t need to cover all the subject topics. Focusing on a single topic of your specialisation can be more beneficial for you.

It Saves Money

You save a lot of money with a diploma course in computer science. As compared to a professional degree course even if you pursue a diploma course from a well-reputed institution then also its fees will be lesser than a degree course.


Jobs in government sector for diploma holder in Computer Science

Indian Railways, DRDO, BSNL, TTA, MTNL, DVC, Electricity Board, NTPC & Etc..

The private sector jobs are given below